Importance of SEO for your website

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SEO can help you drive customers to your website and grow your business. During the development process of your website we can optimize it based on keywords, load speed, creative content and updates over time. Additionally we offer services for off site SEO including Add words (PPC), back linking, Weekly

5 Ways to Secure Your eCommerce Website

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Five common sense ways to help prevent a breach: STOP STORING SENSITIVE DATA! Modify your code, stop storing data such as: full credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes.  Purge the old records from your database. A minimal amount of data is necessary for charge-backs and refunds. DON’T HOST

Benefits Of Using Woo Commerce

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Did you know that 30% of e-commerce sites run on woo commerce? Woo commerce with over 2,000,000 users is quickly becoming the most popular shopping cart. Some reasons include its user friendly interface, abundance of plugins and easy customization. This are article will cover some important features of woo and how it can

Upgrading to Magento 2.2

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2017 September Magento 2.2 was released. There were important updates to order configuration, google analytics and shipping however this article will briefly cover the security updates and shipping updates (for a full list of updates please visit The new magento security update addresses cross site scripting. The shipping update for