Picking The Right Domain Name | Plenty of Pixels
By devin on 20 Apr 2018

Picking The Right Domain Name

Thinking about starting a new company or building a new website? Step one is picking a domain name. With so many new GTLDs (Global Top Level Domains) from .gucci to .construction its hard to pick the domain name that’s right for you. As far as SEO goes it’s still recommended to buy .com and for a longer duration than just 1 year. That being said what domain name is right for me if my brand name is not available? This article will briefly cover the ways to pick a domain name if the one you want is already registered.

Recommend checking out some variation of your brand but try to keep total letters/numbers less than 10 characters long, for example thesmallbusinessstore.com vs thesmbstore.com. If you can not find a good dot.com variation I would suggest checking out the country specific domains (example .CA .US) or one of the newer GTLDs that is closely related to your business for example .club or .xxx. If you have any questions about domain names, building a website or hosting please feel free to contact us.