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We are a web design company dedicated to giving your business a web presence on the internet. Our skilled designers and developers work hard to ensure that your website is designed to exact standards. We also ensure that your website can be viewed across different devices and provide a streamlined experience for the audience. No matter your business’s needs, we will design a website that will fit your requirements and even exceed your expectations regarding web standards and attention to detail.

an example of a website built by Round Rock web design company Plenty of Pixels

Website Design for Pest Control Companies

Content that you place on your website should be easy enough for the visitors to read, and as a web-design company, we make layouts that meet this requirement. Our websites are neatly designed to be comfortable for reading and viewing on just about any device. It also fits with the content that you need on the website and is arranged to be comfortable for the readers.

Website visitors are more attracted to neat websites that are not filled with too much content and will be more likely to stay longer on the site. Our web designers’ design processes are in line with internet standards and use the latest technologies. For instance, the text appears readable on the website, and the visitor does not have to strain to read content on your website.

A clean website design is required of modern websites and the reason we are dedicated to quality services. We always avoid cluttering sites with too much content and pay attention to every detail on the websites that we design.

"Plenty of Pixels took my business to the next level of marketability within a few weeks of having my website up and running. Working with them was easy because everyone there treated me very professionally. Their consultation and implementation of my website and e-store was efficient and painless. I would highly recommend them to any business who is attempting to become more visible online."

Benjamin K.

Responsive Websites Built for the Pest Control Companies

As a web-design company, we are dedicated to making web experiences friendly for visitors. These experiences make your website easy to find, and interaction is not complicated for the website users. They can access the pages quickly, and navigation is designed to be responsive to the device’s specifications.

Mobile websites have a smaller amount of content, and the menu is much smaller, but all the [ages of the website are still accessible. Designing websites that visitors can access from a computer and a mobile device simultaneously is our responsibility, and we ensure that your website is accessible.

Modern businesses require accessible websites to ensure that the visitors do not have a problem accessing content. Interaction through accessible website interfaces is also easy, and the designers work to test all kinds of usability plans before designing your website. Our development team is also dedicated to crafting genuine web experiences that your internet visitors and customers will appreciate.

Secure Web Standards

Security is becoming a growing concern for the internet, and websites are being designed with safety in mind. A secure website is excellent for your business and will ensure that you do not run into losses even in the face of growing cybersecurity threats. Your customers will also be more likely to trust your website when they see the security protocols implemented to safeguard their information. Using secure protocols for communication ensures that any forms filled or information submitted through your website does not leak to third parties and is secured to your servers.

The website is also tested to ensure that it follows security regulations such as encoding responses before sending them to the webserver and encrypting cookies for a web session. Stricter security regulations on the web also mean that new standards have to be followed and your website is safe enough for your visitors. Any security loopholes discovered during the testing phase are also fixed, and the website upgraded to ensure that you do not lose any information.

Custom Layouts

As a brand, there are some aspects of the design that will favor your principles. Custom layouts allow you to choose the plan that best suits your brand and the content that is going to be on your website. As soon as you have decided on the kind of layout you want for your website, we go ahead and design the website to match your chosen format.

The layouts are designed for both desktop and mobile websites, and this ensures that regardless of the kind of audience you expect for your website, they all get to have a great experience. Moving through the content on a mobile device and a desktop browser will present a consistent experience for the visitor. It also adds to your brand’s value and how easy it is for the customers to recognize it on the internet.

Experienced Web Designers

Our designers are also willing to develop layouts from scratch that can be custom configured to present a more realistic and friendly user experience. This can be done in consultation with your business to specify where you want each component of the website. By doing this, you will provide the best experience to your internet visitors and make your brand unique.

Our designers are also certified for their work and have proven background experience designing websites and web applications. They use the latest technologies in their work and always work according to schedule to ensure timely delivery for our clients. They are the best in the field and fully qualified for the job.

Animations and Transitions

Any website experience can be enhanced by several colorful transitions and animations. The animations are meant to draw attention to some elements of the websites as well as emphasize details. Animations are useful for home pages and landing pages for products and services that are offered by your business.

Our designers have experience in animations and will craft stylistic animations for your website. These will ensure that engagement is maximized and visitors get to have a gist of your website from the first visit. Our animations work across all platforms, and they enhance the web experience for your visitors.

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Search Engine Optimization

Getting discovered on the internet and search engines is getting harder these days as the number of websites grow. As a web-design company, we understand this and go the extra mile to ensure that your website content has a design for easier discoverability. Your website will receive more traffic from search engines in this way, and as more people use to search in their daily activities, they will be able to find your website with much ease.

Your website will also rank better in search results once it has the proper optimization conducted on it. The optimization also ensures that search engine crawlers can index your website and list it on search results. The optimization process ensures that your website is also properly tagged and classified for internet discovery.

Resilient and Reliable Hosting

Once we have designed and developed the website you have specified; we will be willing to get you the best hosting services for it. An excellent hosting service has maximum uptime and sufficient bandwidth to ensure that no matter how many websites are visiting your website at the same time, they all get the best experience.

Good hosting means that your website will provide a smooth and seamless experience to the users. It will also be online for much longer, and a resilient hosting service tends to have perks such as security, greater uptime, and backups. The maintenance is performed for you, and this reduces your operational costs for the website.

Accessible Support Services

Our relationship with our clients does not end when we host their website. It extends way beyond that in the form of credible, accessible, and reliable support. The support handles our customers’ needs and is there for them whenever they want to make changes to their website. Our support is available round the clock, and whenever you reach out to us, we will be happy to help you achieve what you intend to.

Detailed Catalog

Before you request any of our web design services, feel free first to look at the work we have already done. Our catalog showcases the work we have done with past clients and is the best evidence of our dedicated services. By going through our catalog, you will get an opportunity to gauge the level of quality we provide and decide for yourself whether you want a website.

Reasonable Pricing

All our services are reasonably priced, and we always consult with you for a price you are comfortable paying. The pricing depends on the website’s size and the number of features you want to include. Some of our clients include additional features on their website, which rely on external service providers, which is more costly. We also have seasonal offers and discounts that ensure your company does not get left out but have a website to reach your customers.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information about our services or consultation. We are always happy to be of help and ready to give you all the information you need about our services. Our availability is all round the clock and there is always a customer support agent to handle your requests. We also provide free consultations for our clients and anytime you need web design for your business, please contact us.

an example of a website built by Round Rock web design company Plenty of Pixels

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